Friday, July 17, 2009

Gillis Glam Give Away

It's time for another Gillis Glam Give Away. Go to to find out how to sign up for my next drawing. The winner will receive a dozen note cards, a dozen matching envelopes with customized return address labels, 10 gift tags, and a God is Good sticker. I will draw a winner Friday, July 24th at midnight. Good Luck!

18 Month Photos

A friend of our family's boyfriend is a photographer for a newspaper. They were in town last month and took these beautiful pictures of Rowe. We have great friends, and they were so sweet. They would not let us pay them anything. We took them at the W campus which is absolutely beautiful.

Mommy and Rowe are reading Mommy's name in the gazebo.
This one is my absolute favorite!

Rowe's 18 Months Update a Little Late

Rowe turned 18 months a few weeks ago. I am late on posting anything and everything due to constantly working on my school work. I miss my family and friends!!!! I am very sorry if I have neglected my very important friendships, and you know who you are! I still love you very much.
Back to Rowe Bug. He weighed 30 pounds and was 33 inches long. He is slimming up and getting taller daily. I think I am about to take him off of the 2% milk and put him on whole milk. He is not "fat" anymore, so I think it would be best for him. He loves to eat bread, bananas, grapes, green beans, butter beans, waffles, pancakes, biscuits, and COOKIES! He is not really a fan of meat, so he is definitely not like his mom and dad in that aspect.

He loves to play peek-a-boo, with balls, blocks, his shopping cart, shoes, and his car. He wants to be outside all of the time! He is his daddy's son for sure. He pulls his little chair up to the window and sits and stares outside. He also tries to run out every time I let Missy in or out. He has a blast when we go play at the farm. He enjoys the four-wheeler, the golf cart, and the gator. I like the golf cart the best, and don't like him riding the others. He also loves bath time still. If he hears me say the word bath, he takes off running, off balance of course, and gets into the dry bathtub fully clothed. It is too funny.

He insists that ALL animals are DOGS! We say "Rowe, say horse," but his adamant response is, "DOG." He points to cows, horses, cats, dogs, singing, "Dog, Dog, Dog." He is too funny. He is the same way when it comes to saying "mommy." He always responds with shouting, "DADDY!" He absolutely loves animals. We took him to see the miniature horses, and he tried to get into the stalls with them. He even kissed one of them twice on the face.

He is saying a lot more words now. His newest words are bubbles, night night, and sock. He repeats most of what we say. When he is ready for his nap or to go to sleep at night, he says "Night, Night" and runs to his room. It is so sweet. He is loving his Leap Frog "The Letter Factory" d.v.d. He repeats a lot of it. I love that movie too. It really is entertaining.

His highlight each week is going to Mother's Day Out. He is so happy there, and loves his teacher. I am so glad to know that he is having fun with other children and being outdoors some, since I am usually working on school work and am unable to do those things with him.

I will post 4th of July pictures, random pics, and some 18 month photos that a friend took soon. I have got to get back to work now. We do love our wonderful little blessing so much!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Happened?

Last night, I gently laid my newborn baby in his crib praying he gets a good night's sleep, and when I woke up this morning, he was shouting for daddy and laughing and jumping in his crib. How did this happen? When did his precious little night gowns turn into big boy pajamas with cartoon characters on them. How did those tiny little shoes get so big? It's like his little bald head was washed with Rogaine; lots of blond hair jumped on his head one day. I used to so carefully feed him trying not to get it all over his face, and now he just shoves it by the handfuls on any surface on that beautiful head (with the hair that jumped on it). When did those barely audible coos turn into the adorable, defiant "NO!"? I don't get it! Someone has been messing with my clocks and calendars, because life is going by entirely too fast. I want just one more yesterday, maybe two todays, six tomorrows, four last weeks. Is any of that on the menu? I guess I better put as much of today in my memory and heart so I can revisit it in the future. Time is a wasting and Rowe isn't getting any younger or balder, so I better go now.

Don't forget to kiss your babies before they're too fast to catch.