Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

Good Morning. Now take me to see my treats from the Easter Bunny!

We may have gone a little overboard. I pick up toys here and there and save them in a box until a holiday. I did not realize how much we had accumulated.

Daddy and Rowe before church

The Easter Bunny visited Nana's and Pop's house too. Talk about overboard!!!

Living Pictures 2009

We were busy, busy during Easter weekend. Living Pictures was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Lee did such a good job, and I was so proud of him. He played the role of Jesus, and every year he says he feels so unworthy to play such a humbling role. Due to the size of our church and time between scenes there are actually three men that play Jesus, but you think it is the same person throughout the program. He was nervous about saying his lines correctly, and it was awesome to see God speak through him. He is such a genuinely, humble person.
How beautiful are these pictures of Lee praying in the Garden during dress rehearsal. Lee did not even know he was taking pictures. Thank you Mr. John Lancaster for them. They are breathtaking!

Here are some of the pics that I took. Check out Lee's hair extensions.

(You can save money with Geiko!)

(Who needs their picture made with the Easter Bunny, when they can have it made with Jesus?)

Here is Lee with the four year old Sunday School class. The first grade class was even larger. It is such a blessing to have so many children in our church.

John the Baptist and Me

Rowe's First Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, where have I been? I just looked at my blog and realized I never posted anything about Easter this year. I guess I should have put it on my "blessed to do" list. Well, here goes the first of many long and late Easter blog posts.
The Sunday before Easter, Rowe went on his first Easter Egg Hunt with his best buddy Brayden. We had a great time, and Rowe loved seeing all the eggs (or balls as he called them.) Every time he saw an egg, he would point and say “ball, ball, ball.” He is obsessed. He and Brayden played a bean bag toss game, but Rowe decided it was a take the bean bag to the hole game. He decided throwing it was not nearly as effective as walking it up to the bunny. He found two eggs during the hunt, but of course we had to help him. He found a baseball egg and a football egg. When he was not looking, I dropped the candy out of them into Brayden’s Easter basket. I know, I know, I am so cruel! Don’t worry, I let him eat a cookie or two this weekend. He is not totally deprived of sweets.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Family Vacation

Thank you mom and dad for a wonderful vacation!
We went on a family vacation with my family last weekend in Gutenberg. We had a blast, but it just didn't last long enough. Mom did really well keeping up with us, and is recovering this week from all the fun. Rowe hung in there really well also. He is still sleeping late and taking long naps to catch up on the sleep he missed last weekend. We had a beautiful cabin with a breathtaking view from each balcony/bedroom. I have missed my brother and Jenny so much, so it was great to have them with us. We got home Sunday night a little after 11:00 p.m. and are still sleepy. We bought Rowe some educational, fun movies to watch on the way to and from our vacation. Since he hasn't really watched T.V. before, I expected him to love his movies. He paid no attention to it, but it did lull him to sleep a couple of times. Unfortunately, there was a huge truck show going on in Pigeon Forge, so we sat in traffic at least an hour anytime we went anywhere. I made good use of the dvd player and watched Twilight a million times!
Rowe ate his first dessert Sunday. We ordered him a chocolate chip cookie after his dinner on our way home with my parents. He loved it!!! Speaking of Rowe, he no longer only calls me dad or daddy. My newest name now is Celeste. Yes, you read correctly. The kid can barely say mama, but he can pronounce my name.

Erika and Tori, if you are wondering why I haven't called, it is because I have lost of my voice and am sick. If only I knew sign language then I could call you. The doctor thinks I have mono and I'll know Thursday morning when the test comes back. Pray Lee and I do not have mono!!! He is sick too.

Below is a picture of Rowe in his cute outfit that I ordered from Haley Wood at She does an excellent job.