Saturday, March 27, 2010

Right Now

Books I am currently reading (not simultaneously):

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (I recently read "The Last Song" and I think it was my favorite book he has written. Yep, even better than "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook" I think. Still debating on that one. I can't want to see the movie! Plus I am a huge Miley Cyrus fan.) I bet you didn't know that last part about me, but it's true. Lee and I both like her acting.

Night Light by Terri Blackstock: This is the second book in her Restoration series. This is my favorite series I have read that she has written. It's no secret that I love this author. I emailed her recently via her website, and actually got a personal response back. Of course it was like one sentence, but I loved it regardless.

Laughing in the Dark by Chonda Pierce

This woman is a hilarious, Christian comedian. This book is about her journey through depression. I actually just finished it, and found it to be very insightful and interesting. All women and husbands should read this book!

Movies I am currently watching (not literally):

New Moon (again) - enough said

The Blind Side - I plan to watch it this weekend. I think I'm going to buy this movie because I know I'm going to love it!

Songs I am currently listening too (not all at the same time):

I am not a big country music fan, but Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean, and Taylor swift plus a few kiddo C.D.s are in my disk changer in my car. I wish a greatest hits c.d. by Toby Keith was in there. I have always wanted to go to one of his cornets.

Everything by Taylor Swift

I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. I love everything she writes and sings. Lee and I think she is the cutest, most talented little singer out there (other than Moriah Mozingo). I think we both have a crush on her.

I listen to KLove 104.5 tons. I love the music they play.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are homeless no more! I am so excited! We finally bought a house. The best part is, it is directly between my best friend's house and my parents' house. We are about two houses away from both of them. Talk about convenience. We closed on the house Friday, and the gutting and remodeling will begin this week. It will be a long process since we are doing it all ourselves, and we are not going to move in until all of the work is done. Have I mentioned that I am so excited!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Hershey

Dear Mr. Hershey,

August 2009

I have been sitting at my desk this morning thinking of you. Even though we have never met, you are my favorite person on the face of the earth, excluding my family of course. (I'm suppose to say that part about my family, but you know you really are my favorite.) You bring joy to my life daily. I enjoy the fruits of your labor every morning! Of course we are not talking fruit here; we are talking chocolate. If chocolate could run through my veins, I would never feel sick again!

Love, your size 6 secret admirer

September 2009

It's about 9:00 p.m. and I can't seem to get you off my mind. Maybe if I would go indulge myself in your chocolate, I would sleep better tonight. I could finally breathe a deep sigh of relief and drift off to sleep as my head gracefully falls to my pillow. Then I would wake feeling very refreshed in the morning. Yep, I think I will go and treat myself to some chocolate.

Love, your size 6 secret admirer

October 2009

It is almost Halloween, and rather than focusing on our costumes, I have been daydreaming about all the generous donations people will so graciously give my son in his Halloween bucket. Some say it is the Devil's holiday, but I know it is really your holiday.

Love, your size 7 secret admirer

November 2009

I love November! Everyone is dashing around the grocery store to buy up the last turkeys, cans of cranberry sauce, and some of those orange potato things. I however am staring at the candy aisle knowing that I have it all to myself. When my family lists what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving, I don't care that my family looks at me like I'm crazy.

Love, your size 8 secret admirer

December 2009

Christmas is approaching I am getting ready for the Christmas Eve service. My husband must have dried my dress because it has shrunk. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that it is almost time for me to set my New Year's Resolutions. I have come to the very hard decision that you and I should spend less time together. Of course when I get those bad headaches, I will still turn to you. All this chocolate has not been good for my complexion or my jeans. I am very sorry, but I will never forget you!

Love, your size 8 1/2 secret admirer

January 2010

I hate you!!! I am supposed to go on vacation soon, and I can't even fit into my clothes. They have all shrunk. Even my bed has shrunk. What did you do to me??? I can't seem to quit obsessing over you, and wanting more chocolate. Why can't you get out of my mind and take these zits with you! I wish you and your chocolate would get out of my life.

Love, your size 12 secret admirer.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 95th Birthday Mamaw Long!

Today my dad's mom turned 95 years old. She can still tell us a story of something that happened 80 years ago in detail. Lee and I went and bought her a big, yummy cake for her yesterday. We asked the cake lady to draw a huge 95 in a bright color icing on top of the cake so Mamaw would be able to see it. Rowe loves his mamaw and visits her several times a day. She is crazy about him too! She lives in a small apartment built onto the other side of my parents' house, so they get to spend lots of time together.
Rowe was not happy when he saw the cake and we wouldn't let him eat it immediately.