Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

I'm "WILD" about YOU! Happy Halloween!
Rowe and Brayden loved Trick or Treating at friends' homes. Rowe kept trying to go into everyone's houses. He especially loved the houses with pets.

Trunk or Treat

We took Rowe to Trunk or Treat at some friends' of ours church this week, and he loved it! Here are the pics. Enjoy!

Does my costume make my mouth look big?

The Two Cutest Lion Cubs Ever
Our boys loved seeing Mickey Mouse in real life!
College Roomies

Rowe enjoyed eating his little pumpkin and wanted nothing to do with his candy!

Does anyone have any idea where Rowe gets his big mouth from?

I love my boys and they are crazy about each other!

Rowe had a blast jumping in the Jumper House!
Happy Halloween All!

Monkey Bubbles Monograms

If you are wanting some cutesy shirts for Thanksgiving or Christmas or some great baby gifts and diaper bags. There are also some great outfits, monogrammed hand towels, personalized sippy cubs, Bama Baby diaper bags, MSU diaper bags, and so much more. The website is Enjoy!

Below is the Elf shirt I ordered for Rowe. I'll post a picture of him wearing it and his Turkey shirt for Thanksgiving soon.
Below is a bag I ordered for a friend with her name monogrammed really big across it. The bows are detachable. This is a great overnight bag.
I am going to order this bag as a Christmas present for an Alabama fan with her name monogrammed in the Alabama red.
The diaper bag below is super chic! It comes in other colors and is precious.

This diaper bag is great for the MSU Baby and the AL diaper bags are so cute too!

I love affordable bags, gifts, and clothes! You are going to love this site!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teaching Rowe to Kiss

Well, I know he is a little young for kissing lessons, but something's gotta give. He is so affectionate and for some reason thinks that the harder he bites you, the more he is showing you love. He associates biting with affection and excitement. He just doesn't understand it hurts. I honestly don't think it was all the second hand Twilight watching, but who knows. If you have ever seen my little vampire, than you have seen the size of his mouth and chompers. He could eat two kiddos before anyone even noticed they were gone. We have tried everything from spanking, talking, reading "Teeth are not for Biting" and more. No, I have not bit him, although many have recommended it in order to stop the biting. I have no intentions of biting him especially since I am trying to teach him it is wrong. Instead, I am hoping and praying he will start kissing without teeth. Lee and I don't use our teeth, so I am not sure where he is getting this from. Someone told me at church the other night that biting is a sign of intelligence, but then she got mad at me when I bit her. Just kidding, I didn't bite her, but she really did tell me that. I though that was quite interesting.
Does anyone out there have the miracle cure for my little cannibal? I think we may have solved the problem last week, which is a whole other story for a whole other post. But just in case, please send me your suggestions.

P.S. If your child was a victim of Rowe's rampid biting spree, I am so very sorry! Take comfort in knowing he has had all his shots, and has no infectious diseases.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Comps are Over!!!

One of the most precious and beautiful best friends a girl could ever ask for brought the treats below to me the night before comps. She thought the Smarties would help me stay smart and retain all I studied, and the earrings would make sure I looked good taking my comps. We love you and thank you Erika (Teka)!

Below is my before picture before I took my comps. I am biting my nails and fingers in nervousness! No I don't bite my nails or fingers typically. This was a special occasion. Teeth are not for biting! I'll explain that statement soon.

The two cheesy pictures below are my after pics after taking comps. It was such a good feeling of relief! All those prayers and encouragement plus the smarties really helped me remember everything I researched and studied. Thank you all and most of all thank you Lord!

The two cheesiest pics below are of Lee after my comps! I think he was happier that it was over than me, or he was just making fun of my pictures above. I do have to say thank you to my awesome husband. He had daddy dates with Rowe every afternoon last week, so I could study in peace. Thank you Hot Lee, I love you!
Now, I must go get to work on a project that I am presenting in class on Monday night. Have a happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Studying for Comps

I have been studying my head off lately. This Stationery Fairy needs the Study Fiary to come take over for me. I am taking my comprehensive exam on Friday at 1:00 at MSU. This is my big, final exam before I graduate in December with my Master's degree in Instructional Technology. I will finish my last class on November 30th, and I can not wait!!! I look forward to having my whole summer devoted to my family, and not spending it in class and preparing projects. Below is a picture of some of my study notes on index cards and index card notepads. I also have a picture of my huge 100 pound binder full of my research. I will have to type about twenty pages from memory without any notes on Friday. I am telling you all this so that you will pray for me!!!! Please pray for me. Even if you don't know me, don't like me, or don't even know what my middle name is, please pray for me!!! Thank you so much. Any words of encouragement would be grately appreciated! I love you bloggy friends.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More Pics from Delta Fun

Rowe was ready for the road trip.
Our boys had a big time together this weekend.
It was a quiet trip on the way back, unless you count snoring.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ten Year Reunion Weekend

Last weekend, we celebrated our class of 1999 Ten Year Reunion at Greenville Christian School. We had a wonderful time visiting with old friends. I have not been back to the delta in years, so it was nice to go back for a visit. It was a very busy and quick trip, so I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see. We did miss several of our classmates that couldn't come.

We had a get together Friday night. Saturday we had a picnic in the school gym because the playground was too wet. Saturday night, we had a dinner with great food and d.j. Sunday morning, we went to my home church and headed back to C-town. I will post some other pics from the weekend later. Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009