Saturday, March 28, 2009

Play Date Fun

Rowe went on a play date with some of his friends a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to post some pics. We went to the park, and then to Mi Toro's for dinner. Rowe was not wild about the park playground because it had gotten so windy and cool. None of us realized how cool it would by the lake. He stayed cuddled up on Bo for most of the time at the park, and spend most of his time at Mi Toro's enjoying the food and laughing at Brayden. Enjoy the pics.

Beautiful Erika and Sweet Landry

Rowe kept saying "Ball, Ball, Ball."

Rowe and ToTo

Bo & Rowe

15 Month Update

Rowe's fifteen month checkup went well yesterday. I was really nervous about his shots, but it went well. He woke up this morning just as happy and silly as every morning. He only cried for a couple of minutes after his shots. Lee held him down this time, because I just couldn't do it again. I have done it every time while Lee hid his face in the corner. I rubbed his face while Lee held him down, and we both talked to him the whole time.

His stats are as follows:
Weight: 30 lbs 9 oz (97th %)
Length: 33 1/2 inches (95th %)
Head circumference: I don't remember

Once again the doctor said he was going to be a big boy. I am afraid that I may walk with one hip higher than the other if he keeps growing at this rate. He runs everywhere, but I still carry him a good bit too. He is finally beginning to show some interest in me. Let me explain. He has always been a daddy's boy. He always lights up like a firecracker when he sees Lee. He only lights up like a 25 watt bulb when he sees me. It has been very discouraging to me. I had all week off last week for spring break, and the kid got attached to me finally. He is still a daddy's boy, but he actually looks for me in the house now if I am not in the same room with him and Lee. He latches onto my legs when I pick him up in the afternoons, and he doesn't want me to let go of him for a long time. He still calls me dada, but at least he lights up more like a 60 watt bulb now.

He has all of his teeth except his very last molars. The doctor said that they should come in between 18 and 24 months. He still bites me and anyone else that looks yummy. His favorite thing to chew on is shoes. You can just see his mouth start watering when we open the closet. The poor kid is going to have shoe breath forever if we don't break him from this. He absolutely loves brushing his teeth. He gets very upset when we take the toothbrush away from him. He says mmmmmmmmmmm each time he brushes his teeth.

He is trying to say more words: shoe, juice, dog, nana, mama (only on occasion), daddy, dada, Missy, nana, NO!, and yeah. He babbles almost nonstop in some foreign language. He is no longer eating baby food which is great. He is doing so well with his eating. He drinks a lot of milk (organic 2%), water, and a little organic juice mixed with a lot of water. He ate and wore his first popsicle last weekend and loved it. He tried to take mine from me, but I'm bigger than him, so he didn't get it. We still haven't given him any sweets. Keep your judgments to yourself. ha ha. He will get them soon, just not yet. He doesn't miss what he hasn't had. He is also quite large and doesn't need the extra fat right now. The doctor even commented on his amount of baby fat.
He loves being outdoors so much, just like his daddy (Lee). I just wanted to clarify, because I sometimes get called daddy too. I am the girl dada, I guess. I can't really think of anything else to update you on as far as Rowe goes, except that he is the most fun little person I have ever met! Do you all have any questions? I'll do my best to answer them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

14 1/2 Month Update

Rowe is growing more and more everyday! He was sick a couple of weeks ago and I took him to the doctor. He had a viral infection with a 103 degree fever, but is much better now!!! We also had a blood drawn to find out which foods he was allergic to so he wouldn't keep having reactions. We should get those results next week. He weighed a little over 29 pounds and was 33 inches long which is the 97th percentile for both weight and length. He is in size 2t and 3t clothes. He has all of his teeth except three. The last eight all came in about the same time, even his molars. I am glad we got that out of the way at one time.

We have been working hard to wean him off of baby food. Basically, I just quit giving it to him, because the doctor said he would not let himself starve. He told me that after a couple of days of being hungry if he didn't eat his table food, that he would start eating it. He was right. He wouldn't eat any of it a week ago, and now he eats all of it. He ate catfish nuggets and a sweet potato last night for supper at Rubens. He really enjoyed himself with our Sunday School class and their babies last night. By the way, we are still trying to wean him off of shoes too - not wearing them, but eating them. I'll post about that later.
I think Rowe looks just like me in the above picture, especially my baby pictures. Rowe is the biggest one and is on the far left in case you were wondering. Luke is sitting next to him, and he is older than Rowe by a couple of months. Charlie is on the other knee and he is exactly one month younger than Rowe. Rowe is jealous of Charlie's hair! Huntley is in the background trying to get to his mama. He was not a big fan of lap time. Robyn is Luke's daddy that is holding the boys. There were about six babies there and all were boys. It was great!!!
I call the above picture - THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
His favorite thing is being outside like his daddy. His favorite toys are balls, his sunglasses, refrigerator magnets, and water bottles. He loves to play peek-a-boo and chase. He also loves to play with my hair a lot. He doesn't pull it out as much which is good. He is still a big fan of bath time and music.

He can say ball, no, daddy, uh-oh, nana, and encyclopedia. Just kidding about the last one. But wouldn't that be really cool! He still calls me dada, which I guess he could call me worse. I wish he knew my name was mama though. Maybe I should wear a name tag.

This is not a good picture of me, but I just love Rowe's precious expression in this picture!

Coming up for Air

I have had my nose in a book so much lately, that I figured it was time to come up for air. I realized I had a problem when Lee started asking me to put the books away long enough to spend a little time with him each day. I guess I was being a little negligent of my family. I got one of my best friends hooked on Twilight, and Lee told me I should be ashamed of myself because I was hurting people's marriages with those books. I guess he thinks wives will forget their husbands. I just told him to bite me (You would have to read the book for that to make sense.)

I am thoroughly enjoying my spring break with my sweet boy. He is so precious. I will post an update in a second about him.

Lee has started growing his hair and beard out for Living Pictures, which is our Easter program at church. Lee plays Jesus in it each year. There are about 400 people involved in the drama and music at our church. I love it!!! I am not participating this year because I don't want to take time away from Rowe to go to practices. The program is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights during Easter weekend. It is free, and everyone should come. It is such a blessing and revival to me every time I see it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sucked into the Dark Side

Well, I guess I have been out of the blogging world for a little while, and I want to offer you an explanation. I was temporarily sucked into the dark side, and have yet to return. Can you guess what I am referring to??? I will give you a hint - It is the Cullen's fault and I am halfway out.

Leave me a comment if you too have crossed over or if you know what I am referring to.