Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chasing Freedom

From the world looking into the lives of Christians, many only see rules, restrictions, and the "Thou Shalt Nots." The truth is that we have a freedom that goes far beyond any rules or restrictions. It is not always evident in the lives of Christians, therefore the world is clueless to this freedom. We have been given more than just freedom from sin and hell. We have freedoms that I many times never claim.
God offers us the freedom to live worry free lives, if we just trust Him and His will. This is a freedom I am chasing daily. I have yet to surrender all the worries that weigh on my heart. They are small as worrying about the dust under the couch and as large as the worries that come with having a child. I am not saying that nothing bad will ever happen. I am just saying that when you know that God that sees the entire picture and knows what is best for us, we should accept whatever life and many times the devil throws at us, and turn it into an opportunity to glorify God or show others His power.
God also offers us the freedom of peace of mind. We know that this world is not our home, but we are passing through with a purpose on our way home to heaven. No matter what happens to us in this life, it is temporary and eternity will be wonderful. Our time spent here is only a fraction of a centimeter long and our eternity is longer than a million miles.
So today, I choose to chase freedom. I will refuse to let my mind fill with worry as it has almost every minute of everyday. I accept that God loves Lee and Rowe far more than I could ever love them, and that is a great assurance that they are in good hands.
Sometimes I just have write (type) things down in order to hold myself accountable.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Latest Pics

Lee has been practicing with his duck call all week, and Rowe is immitating him. It is really funny to hear throughout the day quack and quack. He is already being turned a little too country too early. He is such a happy baby!

I hope you enjoy the latest pictures.


The month of August has been an emotional and physical rollercoaster. Lots has happened and lots of pictures have been taken. I started back to school on August 1st. I have not mentioned it yet, because I have had such a rough start. I am firm believer that my attitude determines more than my environment, but I was questioning that belief some this month. It has gotten better, and we are all adjusting slowly but surely. Rowe has had a difficutl time with us waking him up so early in the mornings. He doesn't want to be messed with until he is ready to get up on his own. Lee gets him up, fed, ready for the day, and loaded in my car. I am taking him to my parents' this year instead of Lee since he can't have a big car seat in his work truck. Therefore, I have to get up thirty minutes earlier, and I hate waking up as much as Rowe!!! I only hit snooze three times this morning. Lee has been working really hard this month and suffered from heat exhaustion a couple of weeks ago. He was very sick, weak, and super skinny for a while. He has regained his strength and appetite, and the weather has actually gotten a lot cooler. I have not been this exhausted since I was pregnant. No, I am not pregnant, but I am still adjusting to early mornings and later nights. I am not complaining at all. I am grateful to have a job that I love, a son that loves sleep as much as I do, and hard working husband. I am very blessed and count these blessing numerous times throughout the day.
My grandmother has been in the hospital for almost two months and had major surgeries. My mom has been traveling back and forth to Jackson, so she has been sick from the traveling and is trying to take care of my grandmother when she is already in bad health herself. Mamaw is doing better and will be living at a rehab center for the next month, but is still in pain. Please pray for my mamaw and my mom. Dad is taking mom back to Jackson at the end of the week, but hopefully they will both feel well and can enjoy their visit.
I just wanted to get all of this out of my head before it was full and there was no more room for new stuff.

Gillis Gang of Columbus, MS

I was doing some research online and did a search on gangs in Columbus, MS. Well, you'll never guess what popped up. You guessed it, MY BLOG. Apparently, The Gillis Gang is a Google find when you are searching gangs in Columbus, MS. But don't worry, we are not in a real gang. We are too vain to get tatoos and love our hair too much to cover it with bandanas. Plus, the only lifetime committments I am making are to God and my family. I hope I am not offending any of my readers. I just thought this was too funny of a search resutlt not to share. Have a good weekend.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweet Daddy with Sweet Baby

The pictures below say it all. I can't express the joy I experience with each glimpse of Rowe and Lee together. Lee is so giddy when he see's Rowe after working all day. He immediately loves on him and talks to him. Rowe loves every second of it. The pictures below were taken a couple of weeks ago at my parents. We spent the night and this was early one morning and Rowe couldn't quit reaching for his daddy. Lee did not even know I was taking their picture.

Nursery Graduation

A week ago from Sunday was Rowe's last Sunday in Nursery A. I was really sad that my baby was old enough to move up nurseries. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it to Sunday School and church Sunday morning, but when we took Rowe to nursery Sunday night there was another baby's name above his crib in Nursery A. I wanted to cry. I know, I know, he has to grow up some time. Below is a pic of Rowe on his last Sunday in his crib. There are twelve cribs in Nursery A with names above them all. We have such a large number of babies which is good for Rowe as he grows up in Fairview. There are three nurseries for babies 12 months and younger. He will start in Nursery B (Crawlers) next week. Maybe he will try crawling while watching his friends. I think I am the only person that gets upset over the silliest things such as graduating to a new nursery. I can't imagine what his high school graduation will be like!

Slow Your Roll, Rowe

Rowe is now 7 1/2 months old and this is my favorite age yet. My dad tells me that I am going to say that with every age that comes. I don't know how it can get any better than this. He smiles and laughs at everything I do, and I don't have to chase him anywhere because he can't crawl yet. He is rolling everywhere, which everyone else has seen more than me. I will have to get a picture soon. He tried to crawl some today.
A few things he can do now are point out mom, dad, and Missy in his picture book. It was such a great feeling to ask him, "Where's mama?" and he places his little hand over my face. He tries to say "more" when we are feeding him. I thought he was trying to say mom at first, but soon realized it was an attempt at asking for more food. He also gives great hugs with those sweet, chunky arms tightly wrapped around my neck squeezing me with his mouth wide open on my cheek. I love to ask him for love and feel that slobbery mouth on my face. Lee taught him that. What is not the best feeling is when he tries to bite a plug out of my arm, face, and anyting else he can get his teeth on. When changing his diaper, he attacks like a cat. He wraps both of his arms around mine or Lee's and pulls it to his mouth for a nice bite and laughs the whole time. I still can't believe I wondered if this boy would ever smile!
He is such a loving, ticklesh little dude. He is now reaching with one or both arms when he wants his mommy or daddy. What a great feeling! He sits up and plays for long periods of time and still loves his jumperoo. He also loves swimming and taking baths. He is growing so fast, and is about to outgrow his 12 month clothes. His hair is growing in so fuzzy. I love it! I think that is about it for now. Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan!

Happy Birthday Megan Murphy Ruffin! I miss you, and NHMS is still not the same without you. Did you know I am teaching one section of seventh grade social studies? I hope to see you very soon!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rowe, Rowe, Rowe Your Vote

I posted the wrong link previously for the photo contest. I have never entered a photo into any kind of cotest, but thought it was worth a shot at winning a trip to NY! Click the following link and recommend each of Rowe's pictures daily in order to help his chances of winning. I think they are some cute photos, but I think all babies are cute. Thanks.

One Year Ago on August 1, 2007

One year ago from yesterday, Lee and I were given the wonderful news that we were having a boy. I went that day for a sonogram without the expectation of finding out the sex of our miracle on the way, so I took a friend and didn't ask Lee to miss work to go with me. When the precious lady did our sonogram, I asked her not to tell me if it was a boy or girl, but to put it on the sonogram dvd. She also put the picture in an enveope for me to open when I got home to open with Lee. When I got back into Columbus, Lee met me, and we watched the dvd together. At the end of it, We saw the typing across the screen - "It's a ...........BOY." Lee looked like a professional cheerleader jumping up and down in excitement. It was so funny!

Happy Belated Birthday Bo!