Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Buds

Rowe always has so much fun when he is with Brayden. He loves having his attention and playing with him. They are so fun to watch together! These pictures make me laugh. Especially the one in the middle of them with the same goofy expression with their mouths.

Rowe Update

Rowe is doing great! He is so big and growing everyday. He is getting taller, but thinning out some since he has started running everywhere. He has one more tooth that has grown in, and the rest of the teeth he did not have are all coming in now. I don't think there is one tooth left that is not in or coming in. He is handling it very well, knock on wood. He just has really yucky diapers.

He is learning something knew constantly. When we ask him if he wants something to eat, he says mmmmmmmmmmmm and walks to his high chair. It is too funny to watch. He tries to put his socks and shoes on himself, but is not successful yet. He would rather snack on them anyway. When I take him with me grocery shopping, he always says "mmmmmmmmm" when we pass food on an aisle. How in the world he knows the difference between food he has never seen before and a regular object is beyond me.

He talks nearly nonstop. I'm not too sure where he gets that from? We are still not fluent in Rowe's language, but we try. He tries to repeat what we say, and mimics what we do quite a bit. When we discipline him, we use the "Sad Stick." If he sees it lying around, he picks it up and shakes it at us saying, "No!" It is really hard not to laugh at him.

I am ashamed to admit this, but he is the church nursery bully. He plays too rough with the other children, and I think he tries to gnaw on them too. I guess it's the whole teething thing. He is not being mean; he just is so much bigger than the other kids and always plays rough with everyone. We are going to have start reading those books about manners like "Hands are Not for Hitting."

He is such a daddy's boy!!!! I thought phases were suppose to change. When Lee takes a picture of Rowe and I, Rowe starts reaching and crying for his daddy. I am not too happy about this!

Rowe Gains Hair!!! Check out the picture below of all of his hair that has grown in. He still doesn't have a lot in the front or on top, but at least there is a little in the back.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finding Joy and Contentment Today

My son has taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned. I use to be guilty of trying to rush time, especially when I was looking forward to something. It was like I was always looking ahead rather than stopping where I was in my life and looking around. Other times I would dwell on a beautiful memory of my past as a way to escape the worries of that day.

Since Rowe has been born, I have tried to exist in the present time only. It is hard not to look back and become sad of how fast the past year has gone by or wish for days without teething. I don't want to rush a day by, no matter what we have to look forward to or what we are dealing with at the time. The future is inevitable, why should we attempt to get there any faster.

I don't want to be one of those people that are always hoping for tomorrow, next week, or next year to find joy. I don't want to merely hope for the joy that is out of reach at the time. I also don't want to be an old person one day that only finds joy in my past. The key to contentment is to experience the joy of today and all of the "todays" in our lives. If we are always hoping for joy to come in the future, or only remember our joys as the thing of the past, we will never experience joy at all.

So whether you are racing to the day you are out of debt, the day you'll have a baby, or praying for your child's terrible twos to pass, stop and look around you. If you are someone who believes hope is a thing of the past, and there is no where to go but down from here, choose to be wrong, and find God's joy. God doesn't say he will bless you only when all is right with the world. He wants to bless you today, and already has in many ways, if we just stop long enough to enjoy them. Enjoy today.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wives For Turkeys' Rights

I just don't get the whole point of turkey season!!! Thanksgiving isn't even for another eight months. No one is going to invite their families over for a big turkey and dressing dinner in the middle of spring. So what is the point of getting up so stinking early in the morning and waking up the rest of your family while you try your best to quietly get ready for the big turkey hunt? Won't they still be there in November when people actually want to eat turkey??? I plan to become rich making silencers for turkey calls. No one needs to hear that loud, obnoxious call every hour of the day in their own home. Lee blows that thing just about every time I am feeding Rowe. I see Rowe looking out the window just looking for that stupid turkey he can hear calling. I open the back door many mornings just expecting to see a whole flock of turkeys lined up to come in. Sometimes I wish that would happen, so Lee wouldn't feel the need to go looking for them in the woods (after he has woken me up at 4 am). Rowe is going to be the only kid in his preschool class that answers with a turkey call when the rest of the kids gobble when the teacher asks, "What does a turkey say?" But she'll be smart enough to ask that around the time of Thanksgiving, and not in the spring. MEN!

If only I had horns, a white tail, feathers, and spurs then maybe my husband could love me!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The End of Deer Season

Hello All,

The time has come for my broken heart to mend and my mourning to stop. Those God awful woods have spit Lee out in order for a short furlough home. Although he will physically return, his heart, soul, and mind, will remain in those traitorous woods waiting on him until he is swallowed back up in the fall. He grasps his camouflage close to his heart and reminisces until he drifts off to sleep each night. He stares blankly at the numerous bodiless deer hanging on the wall as if they are going to speak to him. I have even heard him talking to those dead animal heads. Each time he calls me dear, I see the deep sadness in his eyes, as if I am not the deer he truly wants. He still drives off of the road looking at the fields, just hoping for a glimpse of the joy he once knew standing out there waiting for him. I know our house will never satisfy him. His dream home is a small shooting house situated just right on the north power line. Oh, if only I had horns and white tail, then my husband could love me. Can anyone else relate?

written by: Celeste Gillis

Updated Photos

Cousin Alex and Rowe

Can you guess what color Christmas ornament I have been eating?

Rowe with Cousin Bailey

Rowe is giving Brayden a piggy back ride.

Aunt Sharon with Happy Rowe

Rowe with cousin Bailey and Judd