Thursday, July 31, 2008

Give a Man a Deer, He'll Eat for a Winter, Teach a Man to Hunt, and You'll Never See Him Again!

All of you hunting widows can completely relate. As fall is approaching, I can’t help but look with dread into the future of our household. It is during this time, we become single mothers and lonely wives. Our husbands take their final steps into the woods and are not seen again until the following spring. It is a time that I wish over and over again that I had horns, so my husband would take notice of me, but the only thing that gets mounted then are large bucks. It is true that camouflage makes a man disappear. You women know that ache and constant worry – When he calls me dear, is he really thinking of me? You fear for your lives when he is driving by a field and the road in front of him no longer exists. These husbands have supervision. They can see a deer a mile away in a field grown up with weeds, yet he can’t notice the hair cut and color you just had done. I pray during these times that my arm doesn’t fall off, because he would not notice, nor would he drive to the hospital without going two miles an hour past each field. Thank the Lord he is not an ambulance driver. If only there was a shopping mall that I could step into, and not return until next spring. Then all would be right with the world.
Can I get an amen!

written by: Celeste Gillis

Happy Seven Months Rowe Rowe

Seven Months Old Pic
On Monday, Rowe turned seven months old. I just wanted to add a few of my favorite pictures from this past month and a little info. Rowe sits up well and plays. He is not crawling, nor does he have any desire to crawl. He finally rolled over this week from his back to stomach when trying to catch Missy. I think he has been able to for a long time, but hates being on his tummy, so he never tried until now. He almost immediately rolls from his tummy to his back when we put him down to try and crawl. This little chunky monkey is a little on the lazy side.
He loves his new duck bath tub from Nana. He couldn't fit into his other one anymore. He loves to splash! I have found a sure fire way to make him laugh really loud no matter if he is crying or happy. Those of you who know me, know how sophisticated and proper I am at all times, but this is the exception. I turn around and shake my booty at him, and he just bellows out into laughter. It is hilarious. I'm not sure which of us Lee is laughing at when I do it. Don't count on any video of it anytime soon.

He doesn't really care about a pacifier at all anymore. I was letting him have it during nap times and night time, but he would rather chew on it. He loves having his taggie on his face while falling asleep.

Sleeping Blooty

Rowe fell asleep playing on our bed while we were getting ready for church last Sunday morning. Don't worry, he doesn't crawl or try to move around much. He just likes to sit there and play. We also had pillows lining the bed, and Lee and I were both in the room with him.
As a child, one of my favorite stories and movies was Sleeping Beauty, which I pronounced - Sleeping Blooty. I ain't always been this articulate and proper talking. ha ha. I have fond memories of my dad reading this to me, and my mom watching it with me. When I looked at Rowe sleeping so peacefully surrounded by toys and play pillows, I couldn't help but reflect on the story. Rowe is truly the fairy tale God has blessed us with. Lee and I compete nightly who can get the last kiss in. I am sure Rowe thinks, well knows that we are nuts.
Always take the time to see the fairy tales around you that you have been blessed with by God. Sometimes it is in the little things, and other times it is in the face of your child.

Puff the Magic Snack and Sippy Cup Success

Rowe is loving his new snack. I poor some of his puffs out on the high chair tray and his sippy cup and it keeps him busy until I get his meal ready. It has taken about a week for him to learn to put the puffs in his mouth. He still struggles some because they get stuck in the palm of his hand, and he can't quite get it. He puts all of his fingers in his mouth, trying to eat that puff. He gets a few in there buy himself. He has also got the hang of the sippy cup. It took a couple days, but he loves to eat and drink so he was determined to get the water in his mouth. The first day I took his pictures with his new sippy cup, he kept taking it out of his mouth and smiling. I eventually got a few of him drinking. He also made the sourest facial expression the first time he tried his puffs, but when I tried to get a picture, he kept smiling. What a cheese ball. I don't know where he gets it.

Has anyone out there found some BPA free sippy cups that you like? I saw one made by Avent, but the spout is too hard for Rowe at this point.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yes, This is Me!

I have decided to change my blog page to the blogger format. I love getting input, and this way anyone can leave comments with each separate post. This format is also easier and a whole lot less time consuming. I will keep my other homepage, photo gallery, etc. updated also. I am only changing our blog page to this format. I am having trouble putting a picture on our banner. This is a template that I downloaded, so I am unsure how to add a graphic to the top. Any suggestions?

I will post about Rowe's seven month birthday and pictures, sippy cup success, a new snack, a photo contest, a baby shower, birthdays, and the start of school very soon.